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Porcelain or Ceramic: outstanding surface effects

Explore Ceramica Cleopatra’s floor and wall collections and search your favorite one following each inspiration.

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Porcelain: high quality tiles

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Ceramic: best solution for floors and walls

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Sanitary ware

Sanitary ware: excellence for every style

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Why choose tiles?

A long lifespan and safer material: tiles are fireproof, harbor no bacteria and their very low water absorption makes them resistant to staining or dirt penetration, requiring minimal maintenance.

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Discover how to choose tiles

What kind of tile should you choose for your bathroom? Which ones for the kitchen and the outdoor? Make the right choice: click here to learn how to choose the right tile for every application.


Number one in beauty and durability

Porcelain stoneware is ideal for floors and walls in both indoors and outdoors. Discover its brilliant features, obtained from the best raw materials, the most sophisticated technology and a firing at 1.200 °C.

Certified quality

Cleopatra has been awarded with the most important certification in the ceramic industry. This proves the endless commitment of the Company in seeking the highest quality and environmental standards.

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Clips and commercials to discover the world and the inspiration of Ceramica Cleopatra.


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