Ceramica Cleopatra Group

Porcelain tiles top features benefits

Resistant and durable everywhere

Pressing at 7 bar and firing for over 1 hour at 1200° makes the porcelain stoneware body extremely compact and hard.

The product obtains exceptional technical characteristics that make it an ideal choice in any outdoor and indoor application.

Shock and scratch resistance
Fire and ice weather resistance
Stains and chemical resistance

All the look

All collections offer a wide range of colours, sizes, thicknesses and finishes.The digital decoration process allows a perfect reproduction of natural effects such as stone, wood, marble. The aesthetic solutions are made by the best Italian and Spanish designers to give the surfaces a timeless style and elegance.

Best performances

Cleopatra porcelain collections are made with eco-friendly technologies, high quality and safe raw materials coming from Egypt, Germany, Australia and other countries.

All combined with the best workmanship. Thus, all stoneware tiles offer strength and resistance to load and flexion, a low water absorption and long durability.


Thanks to its high quality features, porcelain stoneware tiles can be applied in every application in residential and commercial architecture and interior design, both indoor and outdoor: living rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, gardens, patios, swimming pools in private houses, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, airport and train station and endless other.

Thanks to its quality and technical features it satisfies the highest standards everywhere beauty and performance are required.