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Ceramica Cleopatra: the optimum choice for Government mega-projects

Ceramica Cleopatra offers innovative solutions for the Egyptian Underground Project

July 2016 – The Egyptian Underground Project is an architecturally sophisticated and demanding project with a stringent due diligence process for finishing material selection. Amid fierce global competition, in 2009 Ceramica Cleopatra won securing wall and floor tiles for the 4 phases of Lines 3 and 4 of the project. This month Ceramica Cleopatra starts procuring for Phase 4 of the project after successful completion of the previous phases. This came as a result in offering a unique solution that provides a benchmark of the highest quality tile with its ultra-resistance to both wear and tear and high pressure level typically of any subway station. In addition to its anti-vibration feature and exquisite dose of extreme functionality due to its introduced thickness of 6 mm. The tiles used for this project came in 21 different colors to complete a water jet tabloid offering a unique character that does not go out of fashion.
Cermica Cleopatra has worked on a special 7.5 x 15 cm size, specially made for this project to meet the international standard.