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Abou El Enein from Tokyo: “Ceramica Cleopatra equipped Japanese airports and hotels; I call upon the Japanese to invest in Egypt”

Mr. Mohamed Abou El Enein, Vice Chairman of Egypt-Japan Business Council, Honorary President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean and President of the Egyptian European Council, stressed the importance of promoting Egypt’s Development Vision 2030 during the foreign visits of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

Mr. Abou El Enein said from Tokyo that Japan is a promising market that is able to absorb some Egyptian Industries, stressing that the coming stage will witness a strong push for Japanese investments in Egypt after the actions taken by Egypt on the economic front to attract investments.

He stressed Egypt’s ability to access to the Japanese market, citing the example of Ceramica Cleopatra achievements in the Japanese market through the equipment of Japanese airports, hotels and facades of a number of buildings.

He called on Japanese businessmen to invest in Egypt, especially because – as declared by President Al-Sisi during his visit to Japan –  the country will offer investment incentives.

It is noteworthy that Japan’s foreign exchange reserves up to US 1.2 trillion dollars.