Ceramica Cleopatra Group

Abou El Enein: “Cleopatra is a pride for Egyptian industry. We did not imitate any of other companies’ designs”

Mr. Mohamed Abou El Enein, Chairman of Ceramica Cleopatra Group, stressed that the Ceramica Cleopatra Company has been able to challenge the imported products but also surpassed them. He praised the enormous role played by the company’s workers who work on the company’s production lines throughout the day.

During the annual ceremony to honor agents and distributors, Mr. Abou El Enein said that the company’s success and superiority did not come by chance, but through hard diligence and dedication to work.

He pointed out that everyone praised the company’s products when presented for the first time at the Bologna International Exhibition. He added that the success of Cleopatra products has not been achieved by chance but through dedication and a management that bears responsibility to deliver a product with the highest international standards at the cheapest price.

Mr. Abou E Enein stressed that there is a strong cooperation between workers, agents, traders and distributors, which led to reach a high position in the world and to provide a global product that represents a pride for the Egyptian and Arab industry. Ceramica Cleopatra has been setting the trend for new tile designs and technology deployment since 1983.