A user’s guide to choosing the right tile

8 reasons to choose tiles


Tiles are a suitable solution for every kind of room and space, both in indoor and outdoor. In your bathroom or in your living room, in your kitchen and in your garden, the wide range of Ceramica Cleopatra’s tile will satisfy your need for a refined and practical solution.

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Tiles are a luxurious option to create pleasant and comfortable environments. Colors, textures, surface feelings and inspirations are opportunities to design your spaces with a material rich in heritage, modern in manufacturing, looking elegant and alluring.

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A wide range of styles

Tiles offer currently a wide range of colors, shapes, styles and surface inspirations, in order to cater to every taste and to let everyone create its own custom design following its own desires and aesthetic choices.

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Compared to other flooring or coating options, tiles cost less per square meter, granting at the same time high performances and a deluxe look during time.


Thanks to their distinctive technical features, tiles have a longer life-cycle than other materials and maintain their charm in the long term, looking always brand new.


An advanced manufacturing technology give tiles protection from many types of damages. Tiles’ surface is waterproof and resists to chemical and atmospheric agents, traction, frost and fire.

Less maintenance

Tiles don’t almost require maintenance: surface is easy to clean as it is resistant to dirt and stains.


Tiles harbor no bacteria and dust, and prevent the formation of mites and mold, granting a healthy environment. Furthermore, they contribute to indoor quality air, harboring no allergens or odors.