At Group Ceramica Cleopatra the quality of our tiles is our trademark. As a minimum standard all our wall and floor tiles are:
  • Durable,
  • Stain and grease resistant,
  • Hard-wearing,
  • Colourfast,
  • Fireproof, and
  • Easy to clean

Our expert technicians at our on-site laboratories also conduct stringent testing for water-absorption and resistance to chemicals and shock. Our Control Laboratory Tests ensure that our tiles conform to the International Standard Specifications. Exceeding certain parameters has cemented Ceramica Cleopatra’s reputation as a leader in the local and international arena.
Group Ceramica Cleopatra holds the following certifications:
  • UNIDO Creativity Award
  • ISO Vision 2003 Award
  • International Certification Network: ISO Quality Management System Award (1995, 2003, 2004)
  • Italian Certification of Company Quality Systems: ISO Design, Production & Quality (2003)
  • US World Impex Innovation Award
  • Certification of Companies Environmental Management System (1998, 2002, 2004)

Our product specifications also comply internationally:
  • ‘JIS’ of Japan
  • ‘EN’ of Europe
  • ‘ES’ of Egypt
  • ‘SS’ of the Arab Gulf
  • ‘SON’ of Nigeria

What do our customers look for in a Ceramica Cleopatra tile?
At Ceramica Cleopatra flow diagrams for the sourcing of raw materials, compressing, firing, printing, glazing and packaging of our tiles, carefully define the production process of our tiles and sanitary ware. This ensures the best quality tile for bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces, underground subways, hotel lobby’s or any other place where beauty, quality and durability is required.

Ceramica Cleopatra tiles come in over 1 million designs in more than 55 sizes. The designs vary from soft textures to deep design impressions. Tiles are available in high-gloss and matt glaze finishes.

Our tiles have a square edge. This edge is easy to grout, since all you have to do is draw a straight edge across the tile surface. If you take a close look at the edge of our tiles, you will notice that there is no bowing. This means that when you lay your tiles and run your hand over them, you will not experience an uneven surface.

When selecting a Ceramica Cleopatra tile you will notice that our tiles do not have pits, chips or black spots on the surface. These imperfections are caused when the glaze misses the tile or dirt gets on the tile while it is being glazed. If this occurs, the imperfect tiles are separated into Lower Grade tiles and those without noticeable imperfections are higher-grade tiles. At Ceramica Cleopatra we never mix higher and lower grade tiles.

Our tiles are consistently the same size, varying by no more than 1/32 of an inch. This means that the grout lines between tiles will be minimal when you lay your tiles.